A story of a monk

How we started

sadly, we have separated our single Earth in three halves. The first, second & third worlds & I belong to the third. Place where a large number of the population has to worry about where their next meal is going to come from. And this is my story. 

I am a monk, at the age of fifteen, my parents died in a civil war. To seek food I had join a monastery just outside my town. As a child, I always liked drawings, I would draw anywhere no walls, no the ground with a stick just about any surface you could think of. I guess when I think of it today, I liked it because it kept me away from all chaos that was around me. In the monastery that changed, I learned how to reach into the inner dimensions of human consciousness. A life of bliss as one may call it. And what I also learned is a beautiful craft to portray that lifestyle in forms of symbols and characters and this is what we bring to you via Chitra gallery.

tenzing lama -  

our mission

we are committed to providing the most authentic artworks and masterpieces from Asia to the world.  showcasing the works of over a hundred artists from Asia. masterworks of Himalayan art, Asian art, Chinese art, thangka art, and sculptures.  Bringing that the love of Asian arts to you.  




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