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A story of a monk


How we started

sadly, we have separated our Earth into three halves. The first, second & third worlds & I belong to the third.  Place where a large number of the population has to worry about where their next meal is going to come from. And this is my story. 

I am a monk, at the age of fifteen, my parents died in a civil war. To seek food I had to join a monastery just outside my town. As a child, I always liked drawings, I would draw anywhere, no walls, no the ground with a stick just about any surface you could think of. I guess when I think of it today, I liked it because it kept me away from all chaos that was around me. In the monastery that changed, I learned how to reach into the inner dimensions of human consciousness. A life of bliss as one may call it. And my paintings are a beautiful craft to portray that lifestyle in the forms of symbols and characters and this is what we bring to you via Chitra gallery.

Tenzing lama -  

our mission

we are committed to providing the most authentic artworks and masterpieces from Asia to the world.  showcasing the works of artists from Asia. masterworks of Himalayan art, Asian art, Chinese art, thangka art, and sculptures.  showcasing the beauty of Asian arts to the world.  

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